About Us

In life there are an increased amount of opposing factors that are out of our control. There are also many factors that are in our control. SSH-Safety Solution Hub has created solutions that will best fit your health and safety needs.

Business organizations, homes and schools are the place where we spend most of our days. As an ‘’at-risk’’ community, we are always aware of protecting ourselves from the outside, but what about the inside? There has been a drastic increase of deaths within schools and businesses which is largely due to negligence that could have been prevented by contracting the correct personnel to identify and rectify these risks.

We have made it our mandate to ensure that every organisation is safe for operation. Safety is so much more than just physical security, it also involves making sure that the grounds are physically safe. The fact that we may think we are doing our very best can unintentionally cause us to overlook elements within organisations that may deem it unsafe. We have undertaken to make it our mission to make every clients premises and operations as safe and compliant as possible.

Our vision is to empower staff to work together in maintaining their site as a completely safe place for business operation. Unfortunately, in today’s difficult economic times, schools and businesses feel that safety is yet another expense. Ensuring client safety does not come without financial cost. However it is our intention to make sure the remedial process is as cost-effective as possible by involving staff in safety maintenance. Staff will be trained on how to recognise and report when something seems dangerous or unsafe. Staff safety committees will be trained in recognising safety issues and how to go about reporting and mitigating them.

In addition to merely keeping our clients premises safe on a physical level, we will be involved in researching best practice in business organisations in terms of how to keep employees and visitors safe.