Have you applied for an essential service status?

Are you prepared for the mandatory compliance that goes along with it?



The Department of Labour have urged companies to put in place effective measures to mitigate against the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly the mitigate against the risk that employees face in their daily duties. Risk assessment and COVID-19 audits are more important than ever before in the workplace.

Safety Solution Hub are an essential services provider and is permitted to render services during the South African lock-down period. We have made it our mandate to ensure that every organisation is safe for operation. We have designed an Occupational Health Risk Assessment on Coronavirus management. We are also offering an "HR made easy" solution that will assist employers in complying with HR and Labour legislation.

Benefits of the SSH Covid-19 Solution

  • Mitigate the spread in the workplace
  • Protect workers from illness
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce cost to companies in COVID-19 management
  • Comply with Department of Labour
  • Comply with OHS legislation

Download the SSH Proposal here: